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In many countries, including Germany, care workers from Thailand are recruited to work in the field of care and nursing. These non-EU care workers have thorough training and experience in their field and can be a valuable support to those in need of care and their families. However, hiring care workers from Thailand can also present challenges, such as cultural differences and the need to obtain the necessary visas and work permits. Nevertheless, hiring care workers from Thailand offers an unparalleled opportunity to attract skilled and experienced professionals.

Thai nurse via the health insurance fund

Thai care workers can be billed through the health insurance fund if they meet certain requirements. First of all, they must have a valid work permit and a licence as a care worker. This authorisation can be applied for at the competent long-term care insurance fund. The health insurance fund will then cover the costs for the care services provided by the Thai caregiver. However, it is important to note that not all care services are covered by the health insurance and that there may be additional payments by the patient or their relatives.


Find Thai caregivers

Thai care workers can be found in several ways. One possibility is to contact an agency that places care workers from abroad. Such agencies can be found online or through the relevant care insurance fund. Another possibility is to look for care workers directly in Thailand. To do this, you can contact the competent authorities or hospitals and care institutions in Thailand. They usually encounter problems in doing so because of the language barrier and the great distance. A contact person and an interface on the spot is indispensable in intercultural exchange. How else can you make sure that the caregiver you have found has the necessary licences and work permits to be allowed to work in Germany?


How do I register a foreign care worker?

In order to be able to register a foreign carer, it must first be checked whether the carer has the necessary authorisations and work permits to be allowed to work in Germany. These can be requested from the competent care insurance fund or the competent authority. As soon as these requirements have been met, the carer can be registered with the competent registration authority. As a rule, a valid passport and proof of admission as a care worker are required for this. It is important that the registration takes place within two weeks of entry into Germany.


Warum eine Vermittlungsagentur für ausländische Pflegekräfte?

It can make sense for a care service to hire a placement agency for foreign care workers for several reasons. One of the most important reasons is the shortage of skilled nursing staff. In Germany, there is currently a high demand for care workers, which will continue to increase due to rising life expectancy and demographic trends. Many care services therefore have difficulties finding and recruiting enough qualified care workers.

A placement agency can help here by placing care workers from abroad. These agencies usually have extensive contacts with care workers in different countries and can quickly and effectively place suitable candidates for a position with the care service.

Another advantage of placement through an agency is that it saves the care service a lot of time and work. The agency takes over the search for suitable candidates, conducts interviews and checks the licences and work permits of the care workers. The care service therefore does not have to take care of these things itself and can concentrate entirely on caring for the patients. Another important reason why it can make sense for a care service to hire a placement agency is to support the integration of the foreign care workers.

Thailändische Pflegekräfte und Krankenschwestern FAQ

What are the requirements for hiring Thai nurses?

A: To hire a Thai nurse, you must ensure that the nurse has a valid licence from the Thai Nursing and Midwifery Council. Furthermore, the Thai nurse must meet any requirements for work visas or permits that are necessary to work in Germany.

B: Can I hire a Thai nurse without a nursing licence?

A: No, it is illegal to hire a nurse or caregiver without a valid nursing licence. A nursing licence is not only a prerequisite for practicing the profession, but in many countries it is also a prerequisite for obtaining a work visa or work permit.

C: What is the procedure for hiring a Thai nurse?

D: The procedure for hiring a Thai caregiver depends on the specific requirements in your country. Generally, you will need to ensure that the nurse meets all the requirements for a nursing licence and any necessary work visas or permits. You may also need to prove your own qualifications and experience as an employer in order to hire a Thai nurse.

E: Are there any restrictions on what a Thai nurse can do?

Q: In general, there are no restrictions on the activities a Thai nurse can perform. However, in some countries there are specific regulations or requirements for certain nursing activities. Therefore, it is important to check with the relevant authorities whether the nurse is qualified for the job you are hiring her for.

G: Can I hire a Thai nurse for a temporary period or part-time?

H: Yes, you can hire a Thai nurse on a temporary or part-time basis. However, you must ensure that the nurse has the necessary work visas or permits to work in your country on a temporary or part-time basis. You may also need to prove your own qualifications and experience as an employer in order to hire a Thai nurse on a temporary or part-time basis.

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