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MEDIMATCHER is a company that helps care services and hospitals to find suitable candidates for vacancies. We typically work with jobseekers to find them job opportunities that match their skills and experience and with employers to find and attract qualified applicants for their vacancies.

A recruitment agency usually builds a database of jobseekers and matches them with vacancies from companies looking for new employees. The agency often interviews applicants to assess their skills and experience and then presents a list of qualified candidates to the employer for selection. The agency can also assist with the recruitment process, for example, negotiating salary and benefits and providing support during the induction process.

A jobseeker can benefit from using a recruitment agency in several ways. Firstly, an agency can provide access to job vacancies that are not advertised elsewhere. Second, an agency can provide guidance and support throughout the job search process, including help with preparing a CV and preparing for interviews. Finally, an agency can act as an advocate for the jobseeker, negotiating salary and benefits on their behalf and supporting them throughout the recruitment process.

An employer can benefit from using a recruitment agency in several ways. First, an agency can provide access to a pool of qualified candidates, saving the employer time and effort in the recruitment process. Secondly, an agency can provide expertise and advice on recruitment and employment issues, helping the employer to make informed decisions about its employees. Finally, an agency can handle many of the administrative tasks associated with recruitment, such as conducting interviews and background checks, allowing the employer to focus on running its business.