Finding care staff has never been easier. Find permanent nursing staff with MEDIMATCHER. For care services, care facilities and hospitals.

Our approach

Staff sourcing and support from one source.
Clinical staff from abroad.
Simple. Quick.

Finding caregivers, for once quite simple.

Social Skills

In addition to clinical expertise, our staff are taught knowledge and social skills on an intercultural level, which should promote a smooth working process.


Language skills

With our language institute partner, we designed a tailored programme for our care professionals. Your potential employees take part in practice-oriented lessons. The language programme includes, among other things, the German as a Foreign Language B2 course and the language training for hospital and nursing staff.


Integration and inclusion

Our preparation includes more than the legal requirements for professional recognition. In addition to the language courses and the adaptation course, our professionals take part in various in-house seminars and social activities for integration, e.g. orientation course, traffic rules and public transport, driving licence class B for outpatient assignments and voluntary work.

Professional knowledge

The Bachelor of Nursing Science programme provides insights into nursing theory and related sciences, as well as technical and methodological competencies, enabling graduates to care for and provide nursing services to healthy and sick individuals, families or groups of all ages and in a variety of settings.


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What's behind all this?

What makes us unique? MATCHMAKING!

At MEDIMATCHER, you have the opportunity to get to know your potential staff even before the integration process. We operate training institutes in Bangkok and Munich. This way, you can already hold a video call with the professionals in advance.

We accompany you from the beginning to the end.

Adaptation, recognition and inclusion. Finding carers exactly when you need them.

We take over the strategic planning for you. Accompanying the adaptation measures, the care workers can (if they wish) already support their company in care-related activities. Legally, this is already possible before recognition. Our staff is prepared in accordance with the guidelines and they can easily be convinced at the interview! After recognition, nothing stands in the way of long-term cooperation. Whether outpatient or inpatient, you decide on the deployment of clinical staff. If you have special requirements or would like specifically trained nurses, no problem! We are happy to handle the process so that you already have an influence on the induction with subsequent takeover.


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    The people behind MEDIMATCHER

    Thai-German Dream Team. Sawadee Krap and Servus!

    Our team consists of long-standing experts with nursing and clinical backgrounds, care managers and nurses. We look back on over 30 years of combined experience in the clinical sector.

    Our offer in numbers

    The one-stop recruitment agency.
    Find nurses. Find caregivers


    Caregivers Brought to Germany


    Successful German and technical course participants


    Network size


    Industry experience in years

    If desired, we offer the pure preparation of your nursing staff. German course and professional preparation take place at one of our schools in Bangkok with savings of up to 75 %.

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